What Are Newborn Created Diamonds?

Newborn Created Diamonds are real diamonds. They have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as natural earth mined diamonds. The only difference is their origin. Newborn Created Diamonds are produced using advanced technology that replicates the conditions under which diamond crystals are formed. Thanks to this improving modern technology, Newborn Diamonds are now readily available to give you more options when buying your diamond.

Newborn Created Diamonds are also graded by leading gemological institutes to the same specifications as earth mined diamonds. Each of our Newborn Diamonds comes with a diamond grading report ensuring that you know all of the diamond’s attributes.

How are Newborn Created Diamonds made?

A Newborn Created Diamond is the offspring of the marriage between Technology and Art. It is produced in a chamber which replicates the conditions in the earth’s crust under which geologically occurring diamonds form. These rough diamonds are then cut and polished using the same tools and techniques used to cut earth mined diamonds.

Newborn Created Diamond vs. Earth Mined Diamond.

See them side by side: Same color, same clarity and same cut.
Which do you prefer?
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Newborn Created Diamonds