Moissanite Jewelry Offered by Charisma Jewelers

Charisma Jewelers offers a selection of Moissanite jewelry for those who are looking for a diamond alternative. Moissanite is a beautiful and highly reflective naturally occurring rare mineral that resembles a diamond but is not a diamond.  A moissanite gemstone measures 9.25 on the Mohs Scale of hardness and please keep in mind that diamond receive a score of 10 and are the hardest known mineral on earth. Thanks to this hardness these stones are very suitable for daily use.

We invite you to visit our Rochester New York jewelry showroom where you can check out our collection of moissanite jewels plus many other lines of jewelry we carry. Click here to get driving directions and our business hours.

buy moissanite jewelry, moissanite earrings, moissanite pendands (subject to availlibility)

Our Rochester New York Jewelry Store

Our store is conveniently located in the middle of Rochester New York on West Ridge Road (click here for directions to our Rochester jewelry store).  We are open Monday through Saturday so stop by and check out our large jewelry selection.

Learn More About Moissanite Jewelry

We invite you to visit the Moissanite Wikipedia page page to learn more about its fascinating history, unique features, and much more.  This truly is a remarkable diamond alternative!

Diamond Alternative Moissanite at Charisma Jewelers